so NOBODY'S ever on here anymore, and as a mod i feel the need to maybe kick people in the butt and start another theme week!

how about this....take a picture of something you like. something. anything. something that has sentimental value, a body part you enjoy (um...well, to some extent), your favorite candy, your superhero, some artwork....whatever!

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New Journal

Hey gang. It's Rae. I deleted my old journal and was wondering if I could just join on this name. I still want to be a part of this community. So, Al's and Nate, let me know if its ok to just click join, if not, I will fill out another application. Thanks. Love to all.
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I am listed as a member, but i dont actualy remeber if i was accepted or if i applied! lol, i am so forgetfull! any1 rememba?

ok, scrap that, i rememba aplying now! lol, u guys were so nice to me! i cant believe i forgot. you must have changed the page or something! i suck!
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